Infobiotics Workbench

The Infobiotics Workbench is a executable biology framework implementing multi-compartmental stochastic and deterministic simulation, formal model analysis and structural/parameter model optimisation for computational systems and synthetic biology.

The Infobiotics Workbench is comprised of the following components:


To learn more about model specification and available experiments visit the documentation page where you will find text and video tutorials and a repository of example models.

For a brief overview see our latest publication in Bioinformatics (Blakes2011).


Infobiotics Workbench is a free software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License and its source code is available for download together with binaries for Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

Project team

The following people have been involved in the development and testing of the Infobiotics Workbench.


This work was funded by EPSRC grant EP/E017215/1.