GAssist - Genetic Classifier System

GAssist is a Pittsburgh-style learning classifier system (LCS). It uses a standard genetic algorithm to evolve a population of individuals, each of them being a complete and variable-length rule set.

This system incorporates several mechanisms to tackle data mining problems: A windowing system Incremental Learning with Alternative Strata (ILAS) to improve its efficiency, a representation for continuous datasets called Adaptive Discretization Intervals (ADI), an explicit default rule mechanism and a fitness function based on the Minimum Description Lenghth (MDL) principle to generate accurate and compact solutions. It is intended to deal with problems that can be solved using very compact rule sets.


Read the tutorial to quickly learn how to install and use GAssist.


You can download the C++ source code of GAssist.

Related software

If you want to induce rules over a large dataset we recommend BioHEL, a successor of GAssist.

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