Document-centric workflows for ontology development

by Aisha Blfgeh

16:00 (40 min) in USB 4.005

Developing ontologies is a collaborative process between different specialties and a variety of tools, the integration of such different mindsets in dealing with knowledge is a challenging and essential so the final product of the ontology is optimal and feasible. Therefore, incorporating various tools in ontology construction pipeline is beneficial.

We have developed a framework for constructing ontologies centered on the use of documents as a form of ingestion and/or generation. Our document-centric workflows deal with the Excel spreadsheets and Word document formats. We are able to ingest Excel spreadsheet information into the ontology and we generate a Word document as a literate ontology with all commentary text from the ontology source code. To evaluate our Word document workflows, we have conducted several experiments with users to test the readability and measure the ease of the interaction during the process of developing the ontology.

In this talk I will describe our document-centric workflows briefly and show the evaluation results physics.